The Confianza Online Trust Mark is the logo shown by those businesses that have decided to make a commitment to promoting good practices on the Internet.

To obtain the seal, you must be adhered to our association and comply with the Ethical Code. When your website meets these standards, you will be able to display our logo.

Sello Confianza Online


  1. It is the only Trust Mark awarded all the official recognitions.
  2. We evaluate your website based on over 30 criteria prior to granting the Trust Mark. You will be able to correct those aspects which are not up to the current standards.
  3. Can raise conversion over 15% according to Marketing Sherpa.
  4. Quality Seals are the third element that generate the most confidence among online shoppers.
  5. It distinguishes you as a transparent and reliable business committed to good practices on the Internet.
  6. We process the claims of your consumers in a fast, efficient, and centralized manner.
  7. The average time needed to manage a claim is 12 calendar day.
  8. More than 70% of the cases processed are resolved with the two parties on good terms.


We know what you need, and we help you get it. If you wish to adhere to Confianza Online, these are the steps:

Proceso de adhesion - paso 1

Fill out the adhesion form

Proceso de adhesion - paso 2

We bill you directly to the bank of your choice

Proceso de adhesion - paso 3

We evaluate your website and inform you of the result

Proceso de adhesion - paso 4

If the evaluation is OK, we will send you the Trust Mark for your website


Give your consumers assurance for less. Have a look at our fees.

Adhesion to Confianza Online entails an annual fee, which goes towards the operation of the association and includes a limited number of processed claims. Adigital, Autocontrol and a few other entities and associations provide discounts for their members. If you belong to one of these, get in touch with us to learn more about your benefits.


SECTIONS (Criterion: annual billing) ANNUAL FEE
(A) Businesses billing less than 600.000 € 325 € + VAT
(B) Businesses billing between 600.001 € and 1.000.000 € 400 € + VAT
(C) Businesses billing between 1.000.001 € and 3.000.000 € 650 € + VAT
(D) Businesses billing between 3.000.001 € and 6.000.000 € 950 € + VAT
(E) Businesses billing between 6.000.001 € and 10.000.000 € 1.500 € + VAT
(F) Businesses billing between 10.000.001 € and 25.000.000 € 3.500 € + VAT
(G) Businesses billing more than 25.000.001 € 4.500 € + VAT

*Public administrations verify
VAT (21 %) is applicable except in the Canary Islands.

If the entity represented is associated or belongs to Autocontrol or adigital, then the fee for a single website will be granted. If you belong to any associations with which Confianza Online has an agreement, consult to know your advantages.

The fee includes the cost of joining and placement of the seal on a website. For each additional website of the same organization, the cost of the Seal will be:

  • Sections A, B, C and D: 80€ + VAT
  • Sections E, F and G: 300 € + VAT


2020 Free claims per year
A 15
B 20
C 25
D 30
E 40
F 60
G 75


Number of Claims Price Per Claim
First 20 25 € + VAT
From 21 to 40 30 € + VAT
From 41 to 60 35 € + VAT
From 61 to 80 40 € + VAT
More than 81 45 € + VAT

VAT (21 %) is applicable except in the Canary Islands.

If the claims received refer to the same case, the price will be reduced by 50 %. These fees for claims shall be paid monthly, once the free claims per year are exceeded and the monthly fees are added up.


If you belong to adigital or Autocontrol 25 % If you belong to adigital and Autocontrol 50 %

If you would like more information, contact us at:
+34 91 309 13 47

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